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Photo Uploads

Madras Go-'Round highly encourages readers to participate in the publication content.

One way to do so is by providing photos to be used on the front page. 

Submission of photos is voluntary and

Let's showcase Jefferson County from YOUR POINT of VIEW and allow everyone to see the beauty of our wonderful community!

Name of Photographer

Email Address*

Photo Title Requested

Where was photo taken

(must be in Crook County)


• Must be taking in Jefferson County

• Photos with person(s) as main focus will not be used unless facing away from camera or in a group of people not as a main focus

• Lighting, angle, content and resolution will determine if photo can be used

Upload File

Once photo is submitted and is approved for use, it will be put on the run-sheet list for appearing in the publication. I appreciate each and every photo submitted. Just realize that it sometimes will be a wait before the photo is used, depending on the amount of photos received before your submission!

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