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Madras Go-'Round is a FREE, apolitical and just-for-fun weekly advertiser filled with classified ads, display ads, community events and just-for-fun stories and tidbits. Madras Go-'Round was created in 2021 to offer inexpensive and effective advertising and to serve as an “information highway” for the community.

 In addition to being available online, issues are printed and distributed every Thursday morning to local mini-marts, grocery stores, restaurants, and various businesses around town.

Madras Go-'Round focuses on all things Jefferson County. The events and special columns, such as What’s Happening, Coming Up, 'Round Town, Biz Ups, etc are community-based. 


Submit community events or happenings via email:

Madras Go-'Round is an interactive publication that encourages community participation and submissions, including photos taken in Jefferson County. Please note: submission does not guarantee use. Madras Go-'Round is mindful of content, language, appropriateness and format. Include name, phone number and for photos indicate where photo was taken.

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